Artist Bio
Tools:  Anthem  |  Venue DI 

Blondfire is an Indie Pop Band from Los Angeles whose music is written and produced by the brother-and-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll.  Previously known as Astaire, the duo changed their name to Blondfire mid-tour in order to avoid any potential legal hassles from the iconic actor's estate. Though their name had changed, Erica and Bruce kept the band's sound the same, sticking with the dreamy and sweet electronic-tinged pop that had brought them to the attention of the mainstream. They signed briefly with EMI in 2006, but left the label before the release of their first full-length under their new moniker, My Someday, on their own Tender Tender Rush label in 2008. Blondfire eventually signed with Warner in 2012, and in the fall of that year released an EP, Where the Kids Are, which found the band breaking onto the Billboard charts.  The band will return to their own label, Tender Tender Rush, for the release of their new full length, "Young Heart" in early February 2014.

“I am finally excited to play acoustic shows again, using the Anthem system in my old Gibson acoustic with the Venue DI.  I've used the mic in the Anthem to record with amazing results, and having an incredible tuner/boost switch in an acoustic DI is a huge bonus!”
- Steve Stout  

Blondfire's live lineup consists of Erica singing and playing guitar backed by a group of musicians who have been hand-picked and musically directed by Bruce. Regular musicians include guitarist Steve Stout and bassist Nathan Beale who also played on their album Young Heart.