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Ewan Dobson has established himself as one of Canada’s most brilliant and exhilarating guitarists, having won first prize in many guitar competitions across the country. His impressive list of credentials include winning the Grand Prizes from both the Burlington Rotary Fall Music Festival and the Pickering Rotary Music Festival where he emerged victorious, after having competed against the top prize winners of all of the other disciplines. In addition to dominating the provincial competition circuit, Dobson has made his mark nationally having represented Ontario twice at the National Finals of the prestigious Canadian Music Competitions (CMC) and having been awarded the top prize in guitar. In the summer of 2009, Dobson was crowned the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion at the prestigious 5th annual Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition held in Kingston, Ontario. Shortly after this victory, he captured another first prize in the acoustic category at the 4th Montreal Guitar Grand Prix. However, the highlight of this season took place when he caught the attention of the world by capturing 3rd place at the 38th International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship held in Winfield, Kansas.

Ewan Dobson has been under the tutelage of the guitarist Dr. Alvin Tung whom he has worked with for over six years. This has been very a fruitful relationship having resulted in being garnered with many distinctions and honours across Canada.

"The M1A gives me the in-your-face bass thud I love, without the dreaded feedback that other pick-ups give me when I crank the volume.  It brings out the harmonic frequencies like chimes and turns my acoustic guitar into an heavy acoustic metal machine."  

In addition to his hectic competition history, Dobson has performed at many prestigious venues across Ontario including Hammerson Hall in Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre, the George Weston Recital Hall in the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts and his recital debut in the Royal Bank Theatre of the Living Arts Centre under the auspices of the Chamber Music Society of Mississauga to name but a few. A versatile artist, he has been featured on many television programs on Rogers and CityTV and was in the top 10 on CKXU 88.3 FM Lethbridge, AB.  Corporate functions that he has performed at include the National Tourette’s Syndrome Conference and a Magnotta Winery fundraiser in support of Lymes Disease.

Past engagements included a concert in the inaugural season of the Lebovic Centre for the Performing Arts where he was featured performing his own compositions. In October of 2009 Ewan recorded his highly anticipated debut album with the acclaimed American label “Candyrat Records.” The prize for winning the 2009 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Kingston, Ontario was a recording contract with Candyrat Records along with a Stonebridge acoustic guitar. The success of the first album led the record company to ask him to record another disc for them.

Time 2 from his second album became his most successful song. It became a viral video hit on the internet acquiring millions of views. The video has been specially featured on numerous media websites across the internet (ie: http://www.reddit.com, http://www.ebaumsworld.com, http://www.collegehumor.com to name but a few). The song reached #1 on the iTunes charts in Finland, Germany and Sweden. It also reached #2 in Austria, #3 in Japan and the Netherlands, #4 in New Zealand and #5 in Denmark.

The development of Ewan Dobson into the artist that he is today has been an eclectic journey to say the least. After humble beginnings with his first electric guitar playing heavy metal and hard rock music to the structured discipline of his classical training, Dobson has expanded his repertoire to include Bluegrass, Metal, Canadian folk, Techno, Trance, Video Game and Contemporary Fingerstyle music. The culmination of all of these diverse influences has fuelled his creativity to compose his own unique brand of music and resulted in creating the captivating artist that he is today. Endorsed by Guptill Music in California, Dobson uses their ProPik Fingertone split-wrap finger picks. Ewan Dobson is a young artist of exceptional technical virtuosity and refined artistry that will enthral audiences wherever he performs.

Ewan has performed at the 2010 Montreal Jazz Festival alongside Gareth Pearson, Craig D’Andrea and Don Ross. He also demonstrated guitars at the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show.

In September and October 2010 Ewan hit the road with fellow guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour for his first Canadian tour that featured performance dates with the legendary Don Ross. This eastern tour brought Ewan to several cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, New Glasgow, and more.

In April and May of 2011 Ewan toured the USA with fellow label-mates Craig D’Andrea, Gareth Pearson, Stefano Barone and Pete Ciluzzi. The tour consisted of over 30 shows from the Eastern to Western United States.

After racking up 10 million YouTube views in 2011, Ewan Dobson released his third CD in January 2012 to satisfy what has become a growing army of crazed fans around the world.  It was an album of sixteen new tracks that were all undeniably Ewan Dobson.

In the early spring of 2012 Ewan Dobson embarked on a second tour of the USA with label-mates Ryan Spendlove, Gareth Pearson, Craig D’Andrea and Matthew Santos. Immediately following this was his debut tour of England with Jimmy Wahlsteen, Antoine Dufour and Adam Palma. The audiences in the UK were enthralled by his performances and demand a return. Some audience members traveled from as far as the Netherlands, Germany and Norway to see Ewan’s performances.

As of September 2012, Dobson has had 10 songs appear on the iTunes charts amounting to over 1000 total chart appearances:

In late 2012 Dobson collaborated over the internet with a drummer in Slovenia by the name of Zack Bevelacqua. Having noticed Zack’s superb drumming abilities on his drum cover of “Time 2” on YouTube Ewan commissioned Zack to write drum tracks for his latest material. The result was a double album entitled “Acoustic Metal.” CD 1 contains fifteen songs of pure heavy acoustic guitar and drums including a rocking version of the Halloween movie theme and two covers of songs by the Swedish melodic metal band In Flames. This album was a home studio recording and by far the heaviest yet in Ewan’s discography. It features multi-tracked acoustic flat-pick guitar as well as some excellent fingerstyle work. CD 2 has all of the material from CD 1 minus the drum tracks so the listener can enjoy the guitar work on its own if they wish. CD 2 also contains seven extra instrumental songs including a fingerstyle cover of Jason Becker’s “Higher,” a Star Wars medley, a heavy acoustic version of “What Is Love” by Haddaway, Megaman 2’s Dr Wily Stage for fingerstyle guitar and a song based on the theme from Nightmare on Elm Street.  Ewan Dobson’s “Acoustic Metal” double album is available through Candyrat Records.

Immediately after recording the “Acoustic Metal” album Ewan produced an album of traditional music featuring pieces from Finland, Latvia, Norway, Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Macedonia and the USA. This album of traditional music entitled “World Candies” also features a piece by Niccolo Paganini and three original compositions by Ewan. “World Candies” is an independent digital-only release.

Ewan Dobson – Guitar (2007 Independent)
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Ewan Dobson – I (2009 Candyrat Records)
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