Mariachi El Bronx

Artist Bio
Tools:  Element  |  iBeam  |  iMix  |  Venue DI  

Born out of a desire to challenge themselves musically, Mariachi El Bronx is the alter ego of Los Angeles punk band the Bronx. Conceived in 2006, the idea came about when the Bronx were asked to play an acoustic set and, rather than simply pare down their sound, they took their music in a whole new direction, moving away from hardcore and exploring Latin sounds. The band worked on material for the new project while the Bronx toured, and in 2009, Mariachi El Bronx released their eponymous debut. True to the form of their main gig, the bandmembers followed up with a second self-titled album in 2011.

Gregory Heaney, Rovi

"Amplifying acoustic instruments has been very difficult for us. A lot of our instruments are hand made and there really isn't a science to them like a steel string acoustic guitar. No matter what we tried there was always a problem with something somewhere. The Venue DI has allowed us across the board to dial in everything that needs to happen. The notch function is the best part about it. The guitar tone can filter the feedback out as well as the vihuela and jarana. The unit sounds great and the tuner works all across the board with everything from violin to guitarron."