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Tonabnehmer für Violine

Violin - Tonabnehmer für Violine

Violin Acoustic PickupDer Violinen Tonabnehemer von L.R.Baggs besteht aus einem Miniatur-Schwingungssensor der direkt in ein Superieur Despiau "Two Tree" Ahornsteg für maximale Empfindlichkeit und Signalübertragung gegossen ist. Als integraler Teil der Brücke, erfasst dieser so mühelos die Eigendynamik des Instruments. Der Tonabnehmer dämpft außerdem auch jede Art von Impuls die unmusikalischen Ursprung haben (lästige Quietschen Finger, Körperschall und Rückkoppplungen). Durch all diese Features wird dieser Tonabnehmer gerne von bekannten Künstlern und Top-Profis wie Mark O'Connor, Darol Wut, Jean-Luc Ponty oder Sara Watkins genutzt und empfohlen!.

Da das Ausgangssignal passiv ist, empfehlen wir einen externen Vorverstärker.


  • Superieur Despiau "Two Tree" Ahornsteg
  • Ausgewogenes “String-to-string” Balance
  • Sehr rückkopplungsarm
  • Externe Ausgangsbuchse/ anklemmbar



Violin Pickup Künstler

Sara Watkins
Sara Watkins
Sara Watkins concluded her gently self-assured 2009 Nonesuch debut with a wistful, self-penned ballad, “Where Will You Be?,” about the slow fade of a romance. With Watkins standing on the brink of a solo career, the question in the song title took on significance well beyond its lyrics, though: it marked the end of an album and the jumping-off point for a whole new life. Read More »

Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling
YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling is perhaps the first – and only – artist in the world to blend classical violin, modern dance, and…The Legend of Zelda?!
Read More »

Burlap and opals. Moonshine and macrobiotics. Shaken and soothed. How Suzanne Santo (vocals/banjo/violin) and Ben Jaffe (vocals/guitar) managed to reconcile not just polemics, but seemingly opposed realities for their sexually tinged, bruised knee honeysuckle take on roots music has to be heard to be understood. Read More »

Old Man Markley
Old Man Markley
An amalgam of LA’s finest punk bands and seasoned bluegrass musicians, Old Man Markley is creating music that defies boundaries. Founded in 2007 in the sunny San Fernando Valley, OMM cut its teeth playing countless jams of bluegrass standards and covers of distinctly un-bluegrass songs done bluegrass style. Read More »

Anne Harris Otis TaylorAnne Harris - Otis Taylor
Chicago-based singer-songwriter and fiddle player Anne Harris has been crafting her unique sound for over ten years and “continues to raise the bar on a soulful blend of folk, pop, and roots rock on record, while her deft instrumental abilities continue to resonate in concert.” [Illinois Entertainer] In addition to her own projects, Harris is currently touring internationally with multi-Blues Award winner, Otis Taylor, where her fiddle and presence have become a signature element in his band's innovative trance-blues offering. Read More »

The Section Quartet
The Section Quartet
The Section Quartet challenges traditional ideas of the string quartet. TSQ doesn’t play classical music -- they only play rock & roll! 
By day, The Section Quartet is in-demand for both recording studio collaborations and electrifying live performances alongside music’s top artists and producers. But by night, this rock bandd is guised-as-a-string-quartet has sold out shows from their native Los Angeles to New York, London and beyond, including Coachella Music Festival main stage shows in 2004 and 2006. Read More »

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Violin Pickup

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